Pre-Engineered Steel:

Breaking Out of the Mold

Steel has always been revered for its endurance. For decades steel remained the material of choice for garages, airplane hangers and buildings that required stolid functionality. Back in the early 19th century engineers innovated pre-engineered steel broadening the size, scope, and sophistication of steel’s usage. Using a pre-determined inventory of raw materials to satisfy a range of structural, aesthetic and design requirements yielded a reduction in cost, construction turnaround time, and building efficiency. 

Over the years the use of pre-engineered steel has spiked, along with the demand for environmentally sound construction solutions. Pre-engineered steel has emerged as a popular choice for a range of building structures, including shopping centers, restaurants, churches, offices, and many more. 

The increase in popularity is attributed to three primary benefits:

value, sustainability and aesthetics.


Superior Value: 

Typically construction schedules for pre-fabricated steel buildings clock in at up to 30% faster turnaround times, yielding faster building occupancy and return on owner investment. 

The computer-driven design of pre-engineered steel reduces the most valuable commodity—the time invested in planning, on-site organization, and construction. The system provides for seamless customization based on varied building requirements. Plus, insulated roofing and wall systems can reduce HVAC costs.


A green building is one which makes minimal economic, environmental, and community impact during the length of its lifecycle. 

Steel system components offer a robust alternative that withstands the rigors of moisture and insect infestation. They require little or no maintenance and do not suffer fissures or bending over time.

Pre-engineered buildings also take less time to complete than traditional building methods. Plus, metal wall and roofing systems are finished with a variety of high performance coating systems, delivering years of hassle free maintenance.


Today pre-fabricated steel buildings offer not just brawn, but also beauty. Our broad palate of color choices and visually appealing building materials re-create the image of steel buildings from functional to fascinating. More, we offer a range of siding choices that are certain to add personality, including synthetic rock, stucco, or traditional brick and/or block.


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